Three Makeup Trends You will switch over this spring

Val Garland (mother of Fashion Week), Global Global Make Director of L’OréalParis, says: “Mr. Val Garland, the mother of Fashion Week, says: Beauty trends will make in the spring of 2018.

And she is right. of course.

From the incredibly bold black eyeliner that added Shypie instead of Karl’s pencil to what we call Grunge Disco (the brilliant and fantastic reincarnation of the season), the SS 18 approach to beauty, Wall flower.

If we real life, who will tell us more about runway 6? We are going to work like a woman, Val Garland, inventing almost everything in the spring of this year.

You can read the trends of every spring makeup you need to know and shake your look with the Vals Backstage Pro hints.

1. Glossy skin
“In all the shows I made for SS18, I received the impression that the main tendency of the skin was” glazing “. It started in Korea, but you really saw it in the spring catwalk. There were a lot of moisture and natural moisture, but this time there are few lights and there is a bright glass face. The important thing is that you want: a) Only you wake up, b) You seem to be making make-up rather than make-up!

Casual Premier Cream Serum – £ 90

“The easiest way to make a glass skin is by placing the fluorescent light in the usual place, placing it in the skin, taking some moisturizers or serum and wiping with your hands.In order to rejuvenate your skin It looks like real skin instead of shiny, excessively lit skin.
2. Red lips were invented
“I have this impression that it is too dull, I am talking really bright red lips in the spring Sparkling finish and shiny finish and holographic surface A red lipstick on top of a moist vinyl So many pigments are used.

“It was very big in the 1980s and 1990s, but this time it is contemporary. Instead of having an exact pencil profile, there is a very soft edge, a small brush and scrambled edge to diffuse them.

Givenchy · vinyl the forbidden gloss – £ 23.50

“Tricks that take long without bleeding bright red lips are mat primers for the skin I applied it to contain cracks around the lip line, then took the pen base, brush, Then I will have something semi-transparent powder applied, now I am ready to apply the glow, do everything first and help keep the whole invisible barrier I will.

3. Colorful tea
Trend of makeup of spring
“This is one of my favorite spring looks I did it on the screen but I want a brown hue that is not all brown It is not orange It’s on your hair and skin Since it operates with already existing colors, it is very realistic, but depth and hue are also added.

“We always talk about the return of red and red, but it is imposed on us, but nobody knows who wants to be pink.The rotating class” tea bag “shade is a pink brush Without using, “I am alive.

L’Oreal · Paris Standard · Shaping stick – 8,99 €

“If I want to make this look, I often use the foundation instead of the blush, I use bronze shades and brown or caramel, but it certainly is not orange.I am multitasking product I like.

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