A man who persecuted Rihanna invaded the house and stayed for 12 hours

A man who is chasing Rihanna exploded at his house and stayed there for 12 hours, after which the BBC reported that he was arrested. Eduardo León was discovered by an assistant at the house of a singer of Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 9th.

The US lawyers confirmed that Leon was arrested on charges of stalking, first degree robbery, vandalism, arrest and the like. He is going to appear in court on Monday.

Maria Gala’s Rihanna
TMZ reported that Leon told the police “sleep with Rihanna”, but when he was found he opened the bag and made a phone call. It was a second attempt to enter his house. A week ago he reportedly invaded another house in the area and thought it was Rihanna.

The man arrested is suspected that the suspects climbed the fence and entered his home before disabling the alarm system.

If convicted, Leon will be sentenced to a maximum of 6 years in prison.

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