Major road shopping when you are in a wheelchair

Shopping on the main street when sitting in a wheelchair is seldom a laugh. Every time we need a little retail therapy there is a challenge we are facing. As a fashion blogger, I often experience these hardships.

1. I am in a wheelchair, so I need an elevator to go to another floor. However, most shops on the main street, especially on weekends, usually have a row of elevators. Of course, these are people who mainly have wheelchair users and strollers, but there are some snake headers that can still climb the stairs. Usually I look at them and I hope that they will receive messages and continue even if my tactics do not necessarily go well.

2. During Christmas, I decided to go shopping at Black Friday. Yes, I know, it was probably crazy decision, but I discovered a store offering 75% off, I will not miss a kind like a bargain. I saw a long jacket that was resting under various things, but I struggled to reach out to it and asked if the assistant could get it for me . When I finished my sentence, another girl pushed me ahead and grabbed her some fences. I was shocked and I did not know what to do. I wanted her to drop her, went to the store and followed her, but I have no luck. I had to protect Cyber ​​Monday.

3. Shop floor is not for wheelchair users. Trying to move to a shop is not easy. Because clothes sticks are very close and they deteriorate if there is not enough room for people to move. Eventually, I need to act like a escort like a police escort to a friend, and ask people to avoid me.

4. Sale shopping is stressful to everyone, but it is even worse if you are in a wheelchair. It can be a nightmare with clothes and hangers people threw anywhere in a hurry. I always draw the hanger hanging on my wheel into the store while making a bad scratching sound on the floor. Keywords: People are watching, I am ashamed to try to understand how to do it under my wheels.

And I am not the only one in trouble shopping on the main street. Here are some experiences that other people I know in wheelchairs had …

5. “I shopped with my mum and went to the locker room and tried the clothes, but when I arrived the locker room for disabled people was full, they take time to move I told you I passed, but because I did not buy clothes, I will have missed my shopping. “- Jenna, @ Jenkins Musk
6. “I went to a shop where women’s clothes were falling but unfortunately their scaffolding was broken, so I could not go to this floor but I was far away for an hour So I got him for a couple of weeks before coming back but it was not settled yet.If a few months later I returned to that area and thought that accessibility is not very important “- Marni, @ Marni Rachel 94

7. “I can not find enough space between the sticks to put my chair, after all I will put clothes and hangers in my chair.It is not ideal.I will do things wisely It seems to be trying to steal. “- Cyan, @ sian_elise 17

8. “As we sometimes share about paying wallets, we have to hand over to another person. Paying to others is for someone like a wheelchair user is impossible like me. But usually I will get clumsy until one of the checkers notices, or I have to pay PA, and in the end I am waiting like a lemon! “- Eden, @ Edenfgk

9. “Most of the time when shopping is too high or too sweet is not the most, I usually have a person with me, but in the end I am in the morning I am in the morning I am probably nervous because I am planning to go.If I am alone, I have to ask salespeople to feel something embarrassed at times, but having a personal buyer is fun. “- Ellie, @ EllieDarbyp

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