These are the biggest makeup trends in 2018

Let’s prepare your black eyeliner.

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Jenna Rosenstein
December 18, 2017
I hope that there is not enough gloss, because 2018 will be the year when it will shine. The makeup MVP in 2018 is a gold writer, sparkling shining sparkle, heavy black eyeliner. This is the beauty of the truck and Instagram trend forecast.

Black Attack

Black eyeliner changed dramatically in 2018 (as well as Marc Jacobs and other fashion shows). Carefully track around the two eyelashes, brush at a dramatic angle, or create a graphic shape with her. Just do not put a thin line on your eyelashes or put on her name.

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The beauty of Marc Jacobs
An immortal lining that facilitates creation of sharp cups and wings.

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof liquid eyeliner, $ 30,


The ball came back.

After years of liquid lipstick control, moderate balls are back. Kylie Jenner’s new Kylie Cosmetics lipstick cartridge contains cream colored moisturizing ingredients and will be sold in minutes.

Kylie Cosmetic Lipstick, $ 17,

New flicker

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If the truck is proof, the size of the sequins will increase in 2018. Rhinestone, precious stones, sequins are a new way to wear sparkling shininess attached around the eyes with eyelash or eyelash adhesive. A little patience is necessary, but reward is worth it.

Golden Girls

Rihanna did not invent the gold makeup, but the following year he invented the gold marker that appears anywhere. Trophy wife is a perfect golden-gold metallic pigment anywhere (and should) from its Fenty Beauty line.

6 Load appearance

The beauty of Fatier
If you are having dark skin, you can go a bit wild and you can put the trophy’s wife anywhere, anywhere. Please use the skin tones of Parker and cooler as eye shadows and highlighters.

Fty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Trophy Wife, $ 34,

7 getter glow

Another shining moment of huge makeup in 2018 is the emergence of super luminescent skin, so that dazzling decoration and golden highlighters are not enough. The more it shines, the better. Makeup artist Nam Bo creates sign # number glow with holographic purple pigment.

Moon’s Colorpop Super Shock Highlighter, $ 6.40,

So so

Cats’ eyes stripes will show us a new appearance in 2018. Instead of chasing the super-oriented feathers, please round the edges instead – as seen in Bella Hadid’s Jason Woo Shaw. (This was also the main aspect of Tom Ford.) Professional Hint: First draw a wing contour and fill it. Or use a small makeup sponge applicator (the type that is in most eye shadows) as a buffer to make a round shape.

9 Metallica

Metallic makeup of all colors completed in 2018 will continue to be fashionable. Please wipe down the shiny lip gloss with your favorite lipstick holographic highlights and apply it delicately. Also, please choose a rare shade of cloudy or shiny lipstick.

Thick eyelashes

Behind the show at Christian Dior Spring 2018, clean eyelashes are reviving in retro. These are not as spectacular as the lazy eyelashes, but you need a mascara layer and well-laid eyelashes.

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Brand courtesy
Only a few strokes of the forming formula that thickens the eyelashes extremely, but never lumps.

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