3 tendencies of disco grunge and makeup

Val Garland (mother of Fashion Week), Global Global Make Director of L’OréalParis, says: “Mr. Val Garland, the mother of Fashion Week, says: Beauty trends will make in the spring of 2018.

And she is right. of course.

From the incredibly bold black eyeliner that added Shypie instead of Karl’s pencil to what we call Grunge Disco (the brilliant and fantastic reincarnation of the season), the SS 18 approach to beauty, Wall flower.

If we real life, who will tell us more about runway 6? We are going to work like a woman, Val Garland, inventing almost everything in the spring of this year.

You can read the trends of every spring makeup you need to know and shake your look with the Vals Backstage Pro hints.

1. Old blue eyes
“The way to make a blue eye shadow in 2018 is reckless in case of falsehood, it is true, painting and childish things are cool, it’s a little It’s not very involved – it’s amazing it I am – I am a publisher and I am confident of doing it.

3 INA cream eye shadow (304 – 9 lb)

“When considering the blue eye shadow of the 70’s and the 80’s it was a very clear form and was always acting diagonally in the eyes of a cat or on the outer edge of the eyes and is always perfect.

“Now it is up to you to immerse your finger in a blue eye shadow and rub it and add a graphic liner.

2. Grunge Disco
“This time the glittering person felt more puncture – it was a bit more mermaid and a little fairy, this time it was more confusing – if eyelids were in the eyelashes it is – you had a brilliant nail. You had a brilliant finger, it was less shine, like a decoration like a hair accessory, and how far we can go.

Project Glitter Biodegradable glitter set – £ 15.83 (approx)

To keep the gloss on one place rather than the whole face spread the loose powder all over and make a powder film on the skin. After that, you can moisturize your skin with Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream. If you want to make the brilliance even stronger, please attach the glue of eyelashes and dry it before it glows brighter. It will work out for centuries.

3. OTT Eyeliner This season’s eyeliner is more than just a liner. He is shaped, he has details, he is tall. In Erdem, I made a cat movie that started in the middle of my eyes, so it looked broken, but it
Your eyes stamp.

Others seemed negative, scratched near the eyes, and some looked like drawing ellipses around the eyes. The eyeliner we see in the spring is not a cat. ”

L’Oreal Paris Tattoo Signature Liquid Aye Liner – 6, 88 €

“There are two schools of eyeliners that are said to be” living at midnight, “which is a bit chaotic and rude, and the other is very detailed and detailed. I like to use liquid liners, so I can literally draw your shape on your face and will last forever.

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