These 16 makeup tendencies become huge in 2018

2018 will be a wonderful year for your beauty game. Yeah, glittering lipstick Peanut Butter’s eye shadow says that we will be the trend of the biggest make-up next year (and the spoilers are pretty cute).

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Glitter lips

Kirakira took over the Insta feed in 2017, but from 2018 the Flare filter takes over the makeup.
The make-up artist Bea Sweet draws Inspo and gives a lip cream or shiny to the IRL to sprinkle on the lips.
Our favorite is Glossier’s Dotm Birthday Balm ($ 12).
Brilliance without sparkle

Brilliance captures our eyes and lips (see above ^ ^), but the cheekbones are officially flickering in 2018. Yeah, the highlighter pen should be shiny and supernatural, with no pearl-like cream and no dew condensation.
Using Radiance Highlighter (41 €) by Kjaer Weis, you can reproduce its sweet radiance.
Clean feather eyebrows

Blocked eyebrows belong to the past and call for 2018 for sharp feather eyebrows.

For extra definition, paint a little powder through your bow to improve shape, take 3 in transparent mascara, £ 8.50 and brush your hair. This formula puts the eyebrows in place, giving delicate shiny finish.
Tipp-Ex Eyeliner
Actually there is no tip-ex, obvs. However, in the spring of 2018, the white liner was a huge success. Designer Laura Biagiotti gave the model white and feather eyes, but the rest of the makeup was clean and minimal.

NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Liner White, 6 pounds.

There is time in the eyelashes held in 2018, so please leave this large amount of mascara. For fine flutter, it is necessary to apply mascara mascara 1 or 2 times.
Romantic smoke
Those who say that romance is dead have time to spend time with Tinder (aka I), there is no time to dribble into the composition of the Cynthia · Raleigh Spring / Summer 2018 show.

Soft, peachy, smoky eyes and blue lips were typical romance. It belongs to spring / summer. believe me.

Overall glow
ICYMI, Glossier arrived in England this year. A brand’s cool girl is shining in desire. Please move on a dull lip, as Lipgloss celebrates the resurrection in 2018.

Shiny lip gloss, $ 14

Peanut butter’s eyes

Let Terry Barber, MAC ‘s make – up director, paint hazelnuts on eyelids. But before you get to that pot, please try Makeup Geek’s Tiki Hat Eyeshadow instead at £ 4.95. Believe me, it has not been much troublesome.

Liner point

If you had long had a hard time drawing the perfect eyeliner feathers, I will tell you that the fight has ended here. Forget the classic cat ‘s eyes, take the makeup page, Kate Jane Hughes’ book and ask for points instead. Simple, elegant and breathtaking.

Disco cover
Touch of eyelid holographic greeter caused a sense of Stella Jean SS18. Take the Crystal NYX Glittery Face & Body (7.50 lb), squeeze it to the eyelids and flush the extra things according to the forehead and rinse thoroughly.

NYX Face & Body Glitter Graphite, £ 7.50

Pink Tan

We are in base bronze, it will be “pink tan” in 2018. Remember the pink, the cheek where the sun is burning.

To make the skin feel like a warm summer, create appearance by mixing your sunburn with a little red and polishing with a high point of face.

A shiny lid is here
As all beauty brands from Tom Ford to 3 Aina enter the movement of a dazzling eyelid, the trend seems to remain officially (there is time).

Please paint a shiny eye shadow and sharp update your makeup.

Tom Ford Eye Raster, £ 32

3ina Eyesight, £ 9.95

Make a glittering statement

South Korea’s largest beauty designer, pony, will be followed in 2018. Her Kawaii makeup (literally) is better than anyone else. Why inspired by her, will not you shine and 2018 stars in her eyes?

Cherry red lip

MAC showed us the state of the red lips of this cherry tree in the spring and summer of philosophy 2018. Most of the pictures were focused on the lower lip, but the upper part had only fine colors. Finish with lip gloss (Obvs).

MAC Retro Mat Legacy Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid, £ 17.50

Matt lining
Yes, the super sharp cat’s eyes look cute, but the appearance of a dull graphic pencil is very cool.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner has a small brush that is best suited for making soft round feathers.

Shine anywhere

The free writer for 2018 no longer adheres to the cheekbones and cupids, and the skin shines in all aspects.

A lot of preparation is necessary for bright skin. Let’s start with a whitening base such as Becca’s First Light Priming Filter from 15 euro and blend MAC Strobe Cream (25 pounds) with the daily foundation to make a shiny and perfect base. Finally, take MAC’s Extra Dimension Skinfinish in a large powder brush at Soft Frost (24.50 pounds) and lightly sprinkle on the high point of the face.

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